Greetings, visitor!
I'm glad to know you're interested on knowing about the creator of the artwork shared in this website. My name is Isadora Venturini Blu! But I like to be professionally known as SidVenBlu.

You can read my full on (authorized) auto-biography under the "Read More" button or you can just skip into the bullet point. Just saying, the full bio is really nice to read. I think.

Summarized version!

  • I was born in Chile (1992)

  • Studied Digital Design for 5 years and decided not to use any of that curriculum in my life.

  • Moved to United States to study at the Joe Kubert School to learn about making comics!

  • It was the best decision I could make!

  • I decided to develop my professional career as a colorist.

  • I love and draw robots, big mechas and sci fi concepts, with a good hint of fantasy.

  • I also like drinking mate and a wide variety of teas.

What do I use for my work?

For Digital Art

  • Clip Studio Paint Ex

  • Adove Illustrator (for iPad)

  • Procreate

For Traditional Art

  • Bristol Board 300 Strathmore 400 Series

  • Watercolor Paper Strathmore hot press 400 gr.

  • Marker Paper, Canson.

  • Dr. Ph. Martin's Matte black ink.

  • Watercolors, Schmincke and Van Goh.

  • Gouache, Schmincke.

  • Copic Markers.