Digital Commissions OPEN and other news!

Hi there! Hope everyone has been able to get through the obstacles of the latest weeks. If this time has been smooth and positive for you, then I'm very glad for you. Pandemic is going into this strange transition in which we just don't know if the situation is contained or will keep running free for who knows how long, so personally I'll focus on the here and now.

The comic book Kickstarter I've been working on was launched some weeks ago, and you can see it here. We're very close to the goal! So please give it a look and share, don't miss out the pretty art I've worked on!

Also I am proud to announce that the Art Covers I worked on for IDW Transformers are out in the internet, but you can check them in my gallery Now on the title subject yes, indeed I am ready to do digital commissions. These past months haven't been easy for me (HAVEN'T THEM FOR US ALL??), but now that some projects are reaching a finishing point I can focus on doing freelance illustrations.

In the PDF that you find here you can see what I am offering, along the terms and conditions. Please note that if you're willing to take on a commissions from be I will assume that you have read all terms and conditions and you agree with them.

Since I haven't done digital commissions in a while, I will be taking limited slots. No more than 10 pieces and if most of them are full rendered illustrations they won't be more than 5 pieces in total.

If you would want to take a commission from me please do not use just social media but e-mail instead. That'll keep a clean record of the order for both of us.

Now a quick summary of what I am open to do and what not!


  • Established characters and OCs allowed.

  • Single character pin ups (means character with cell shade renders and no complex background like the sample in my pdf).

  • Sci Fi characters as well as Fantasy (Basically I do more than just robots).

  • Character design (with the specifics stated in the pdf).

  • Full illustrations that can include more than one character.


  • Offensive content of any sort (Sexual, cultural, religious…)

  • Content related to any Political matter (campaign or critic).

  • Real people portraits.

  • Copicat another artist's artwork.

For those interested on NSFW commissions: Those will not be listed here, but stay tuned for when I release any information about it, or you can just contact me via e-mail.

I think I am not forgetting anything relevant for this blog entry… hmmm but if so I can always correct it in my back end! (I'm human after all, one with small attention spam). Thank you all for reading, do not forget to follow me on social media to get recent updates and fresh content!

End of Transmission!



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