Draw This in Your Style!

Since the very first moment that I saw this game I wanted to give it a try, to create a piece of artwork that people would make their own interpretations of it. And with the wish to do it, I also grew a fear to do it. I understand that these events mostly work when having a big fanbase and I know I am not nearly close to have a fanbase per se. I am just breaking into the industry as a professional artist! But last October I made the decision to host this event alongside the news of my website and social media rebranding. So here it goes!

What is DTIYS?

Draw This in Your Style basically consist on seeing your work in the hands of other artists. I've seen several posts on instagram where the base drawing is something simple yet interesting, and colorful enough for people to get ideas and not be overwhelmed.

That is indeed a challenge for me, since I do like making details characters (Not to mention all robots) but I took the decision or using my most popular character and giving her a charming outfit.

Character is actually from my project Tehrras (work in progress), where inhabitants are techno-organics, that means their bodies have organic matter but can be modified and upgraded at will. (Like cyberpunk but the human body itself is also metal). The reason for that is that I love robots but I also like designing armors and outfits, so I let the species have a body AND wear technology. Now I have all the power to dress my characters up to my will!

What are the rules?

People will have no limitations of what to draw or how to redraw my picture. I want people to feel free to make their own interpretation of the drawing above.

You just want to use the same pose and colors? Go ahead!

Do you want to try another pose? Go ahead!

What about switching colors? Go ahead!

Do you prefer doing only a portrait? A chibi? Doing just inks?! Go ahead!

You don't know how to draw it? Write something about the picture! Sculpt, sew, I don't know guys, you can even cook something inspired on the artwork!

And what do I offer in return?

Depending on the amount of entries I will choose the best, most original and inspiring entries on January 31st. The number of entries I choose will depend on the amount of entries I get during the month.

If there are…

  • At least 3 entries: I'll choose one winner.

  • More than 7 entries: I'll pick 2 winners.

  • More than 10 entries: I'll pick 3 winners.

And for the winner(s) I will do a full body pin up just like the DTIYS picture I made of a character of their choice! It can be an established character or an Original Character, which I enjoy making as well.

All entries will be featured in my social media, but winners will also be featured in an incoming blog and I will be featuring their artwork for 3 weeks after the results are given (That in case there are 3 winners).

And last but not least! All winners will have access to a 10% discount for a commission they ask me to do. Said discount will last the next 6 months, and discount doesn't count adding characters or extras.

I don't think I have more information to give, in case people have any questions I will always be available to answer (ASAP…… when I'm not sleeping) Thank you everybody for reading this entry! I'll be looking forward to see the results of this.


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