SidVB Revamp's Art Feature and Event prizes!

Hello everybody, there is some good material to share in this blog entry. Hope everyone has be good and if it's the opposite case, then I send my best wishes for things to get better. January and February are long gone, and we're almost halfway through March! On my end I could get some personal art done and also take the chance to get used to my new working routine and learning to live with my social media strategy. Long story sort, it hasn't been easy.

Back to the main topic, I'm very proud to announce that I have finished all the Art Prizes for the winners of the SidVenBlu's Art Giveaway event. If you've read my previous blog entry then you'll remember that during the month of January I hosted an event that involved a Art Raffle and DTIYS game.

I can say the most exhausting part of the event was… well, running it. Making weekly posts to keep people engaged and such can take of your brain power in the long run.

But anyway! The event ended in a success as I wrote here and now let's just jump to the art pieces made for each winner of the event:

Art Raffle Winners

These are the pictures requested by the winners of the Art Raffle, who could choose between a Cell Shaded Chibi or Half-Body of a character of choice.

DTIYS Winners

These are the pictures requested by the winners of the DITYS, who were given not only a full rendered picture of a character of choice, but also as promised, their art would be featured in this blog! Amey.Arts

Amey.Arts work counts with a very unique style, using cartoon proportions and lively colors, her art is worth giving a look. You can see her artwork here

Madzik's Art

Madzik is an artist with great potential. Their pieces have a smooth that makes them attractive to the eye. You can see their work here.


Pika is an amazing artist, with several years of experience. Even though she specialize on robots and mechas she's also got amazingly painted fantasy pieces. You can see her work here.

Don't hesitate on contacting the artists and ask them about commissions or just their art status. They great! This also concludes this month's blog entry. I'm eager to share more material over here, but in the meantime you can always follow me on my socialmedia~

End of Transmission!



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