SidVenBlu's Revamp and Art Giveaway!

For the past 6 months I have been constantly working on the creation of this website and the unification of my social media, now that everything is finished I think I can say good bye to 2020 by opening this event on all my social media:

It is exciting for me since I've been willing to do exactly this for a very long time, and personally? I think the revamp of my social media plus opening my website was the perfect excuse for this.

But the thing is that I wasn't sure if I just wanted to do and art raffle or the trending game "Draw This in Your Style" (DTIYS for the hashtags). But since this event is important for me as a professional artist, I decided to just do both and hopefully get people hyped up to join! Let's see how this goes.

I decided to release the event during the month of January, setting the deadline on the 31st so there was enough time for participants to join the games. Is it too much time…? Well, I'm planing on treating this event like a kickstarter campaign in a way, making scheduled adds about it and such. I think this will be a good opportunity for me to learn how to handle a campaign (or if I'm even able to do that or not!)

In a way I'd like to join the DTIYS myself, looks like fun hahah! But I decided to upload the full sized file tomorrow on January 1st, since I still have a few things to set up (Even now I'm leaving things for the last minute, oh well).

"But Sid! How come you are doing these event but not offering in return?" WRONG

No… not really, I just haven't written about it yet. Of course I will offer prizes to the winners of the games. 3 people will be chosen around my social media and 3 more from the DTIYS game. The last one depends solely on the number of entries I get, if there are not enough pieces to choose then less entries will be chosen.

So there will be a maximum of 6 drawings to all the winners. And I'm honestly excited to do them, now I know it's up to people to be willing to join and me to be annoying enough by spamming this information during the whole month!

I will not deny that this whole thing makes me kinda nervous. It is not like I have a big reputation on social media at all, and I know these kind of events tend to work when you have a proper fanbase with at least 5.000 people following you, which is not my case, in all my pages… But sooner or later I would be up to finally do it. It is not like I would loose my job for not getting entries nor reposts for the raffle, right?

Looking at this information slides gives me the sensation that it needs some more information, and yes. Not to mention that each social media has different ways to share information and posts, so indeed I had to adjust the slides for every page (Instagram, twitter and DeviantArt) and also add more information just like the Do and Don't list. Nobody wants chaos in their own event, right? (Or smartass people thinking they can get more than what's offered……?? )

  • Both games will be due January 31st!

  • You can join both the Art Raffle and DTIYS.

  • By joining the DTIYS you automatically are part of the raffle as well.

  • I’d recommend you reposting in different times during january instead of all at once because algorithm.

  • Please do not forget the tag and hashtags! #SidVBRevamp and #SidDTIYS


  • Winners can ask for established characters to be drawn or OCs. Only one(1) character per person, couples are not allowed.

  • All entries for the DTIYS will be featured in my website and journal entry, but winner(s) will have extra featuring of the best five (5) artworks I find in their gallery during Februray.

  • Themes are open for request but I will NOT draw offensive content of any sort and no nsfw is allowed (Ok maybe some fan service to spice it up).

  • If OCs are requested I will only accept visual references of the character. Roughs, sketches, or mere descriptions with photo “examples” won’t be accepted. I will NOT design characters for this games.

I think that summarizes it up? Of course my pages are always open for more questions in case there's any, you never know. I think what comes next is to keep the back end organized so nothing goes wrong the 31st.

And without anything else to add I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!

And huge congratulations for surviving this year, nothing guarantees that 2021 won't be as hard, but let's enjoy the here and now. Be with your loved ones, say the words you couldn't say before, and start this new year with no regrets. We can only move forward now.

Thank you for reading this far~

End of Transmission



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