SidVenBlu's Revamp Conclusion!

Greetings everyone, hope that first month of 2021 wasn't so complex for you. From my end it was certainly busy. I have learned that hosting a month long event takes more energy than thought, mental as well as physical. And sometimes you can always count on real life situations and add that up to the list.

Anyhow the event I have been hosting during the month of January is over!

Winners of the SidVBDTIYS

If you remember well I shared a drawing of my character so those interested could join the event by drawing their own version of it.

If I am allowed to say so I did not expect to get enough entries to choose 3 winners, considering everybody has other things to deal with, therefore my excitement for each time I got a notification for each entry posted.

I couldn't decide on all the pictures myself, so I contacted my good friend Aenna and together we picked the most charming pictures. I personally enjoyed the variety of poses and techniques from which I've learned and gathered new ideas.

And these were the most attractive entries we found!

Featuring Pika , Madzik and Amey.arts!

We fell in love with the tidy-ness and personal touch to each picture. Most of them had alluring motion and individual touches so we had to nitpick to find the pictures that would stick out.

And of course they would be rewarded!

These artist have earned:

  • A fully rendered full-body drawing of a character of choice.

  • Art featuring for each of them here in my website and other social media.

  • 15% off a commission they make me.

And in gratitude for the hours spent on all the pieces I am eager to share all of them in the following gallery.

Winners of the raffle

The art raffle was also a successful event. Considering this was my first event of this sort, more people than expected joined and shared the games in their social media. And thanks to that the list of participants for the art raffle got a nice number. The three lucky winners of the game were chosen by Google Randomizer and announced the past Jan 31st.

Congratulations to Myla_xan, Locineko and xSticky_Honeyx, who won either a cell shade chibi or half-body drawing of a character of their choice!

What's Next?

Well indeed that concludes the whole event of January. During the incoming month I will work on the prizes for each winner and share them not only here but in all social media. Within the next weeks I will also prepare blog entries featuring the three artist chosen from the DTIYS and focus on my coloring work for an incoming coming book project. And if time gives any chance I would like to take on a personal challenge and practice drawing backgrounds and environments. But let us see if that is even a probability. February is a short month, shorter than we always think.

At last bu note least thank you everybody for accompany me in this event. It may have not been a huge deal on the internet, but for me it meant a lot. Since I unified all my media and have started my break into the industry.

End of Transmission! SidVenBlu


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