Peace and war are all part of the cycle of life. A cycle that involves the understanding of the world as we know it. For Mother Tehrras both stages could be mere instants of a day, but for her children they could be a lifetime. The period of Peace has ended long ago and is resting, waiting to reappear before the eyes of the Tehras people, but War seems to insist on ruling the continent of Nahjiri.


Everything seems to be under the great force's mercy, looking like the children of Mother Tehrras can do nothing to change things. Simple subjects in a greater cosmos… Or are they?

Tehrras is my personal comic book project featuring my own and my best friend's characters from a story we have been working on for the past 8 years, and we have decided to officialize it and make it a real comic for everyone to read. It's a personal experiment that tests my narrative and world building skills and I hope to share with you all in a pilot episode at first.

Scripts and mayor Arcs are done and ready to go. But everything is still in production. If you're interested on the project you can still stay tuned by subscribing my newsletter!